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Collection System

WMA's wastewater collection and conveyance system consists of the following:

  • Approximately 140 miles of sanitary sewers
  • 17 wastewater pump stations
  • The approximate population served is 32,000.
  • Approximately 10 square miles of service area

The sewers range in size from 8-inch collection sewers to 48-inch interceptor sewers. In the past, the sewers were generally constructed of vitrified clay. Current gravity sewer construction materials typically consist of PVC, ductile iron, and concrete. Force mains (pressure pipe) are generally constructed of ductile iron or PVC. Wastewater is also collected from portions of Warrington and Warwick Townships.

The Authority owns and operates 17 wastewater pump stations. All pump stations have provisions for operations during power failures and are monitored using an automated SCADA system, supplemented by regular inspections to provide reliable uninterrupted operations. Six pump stations were completely rebuilt and upgraded over the last 7 years utilizing in-house Authority Personnel.

 A sewer maintenance program provides for the inspection and cleaning of 10 miles of sewers each year in an ongoing effort to assess sewer conditions. Approximately 10,000 feet per year of sewer main is restored using a cast in place pipe liner and 100 manholes are restored with a spray lining product. These methods are used to prevent inflow and infiltration of ground water and restore the pipe and manholes to better than new conditions.

 To accomplish all this effort the Authority currently has six employees assigned to these tasks and operates a fleet of vehicles consisting of a vacuum/flush truck, television van and pickup trucks.