Frequently Asked Questions - Billing

In over 90% of the cases of higher than normal usage, the cause is a leaky toilet.  Toilets can pass a tremendous amout of water straight into the sewer, which is why you may not see any evidence of a leak.

If payment is not made, you will receive a Past Due notice ten (10) days beyond the billing due date.  Subsequently, you will receive a Posting Notice ten (10) days before payment in a timely fashion, you should call Customer Service at (215) 675-3301 ext.204 to make payment arrangements and avoid possible service interruptions.

Call the Customer Service Department at (215) 675-3301 ext.204

To determine your options, you should call the Customer Service Department at (215) 675-3301 ext.204

If you believe your bill is incorrect, you may call our Customer Service Department at (215) 675-301 ext 204 to speak to a Customer Service Associate.

Bills can be paid at the our office which is loacated at 415 Gibson Ave., Warminster, PA 18974