Frequently Asked Questions - Service

Water meters are positive displacement devices.  They cannot register usage unless water under pressure flows through them.  Water meters fail by slowing down and eventually stopping.  If you feel your meter is malfunctioning, it can be flow-tested for accuracy by written request.  The current fee is $25.00 plus $100.00 meter installation fee, but can vary based on meter size.  If the meter should fail the flow-test, a new meter will be installed at no expense to the customer, and the $125.00 will be refunded.  If, however, the meter tests out to be accurate, the $125.00 fee will stand.

Typically services will not be disconnected; however, a final inspection and reading of the meter must be scheduled.  You can accomplish this by calling our Customer Service Department at (215) 675-3301 ext. 203 to schedule an appointment.  A WMA representative will meet you, or your agent, at your property at the scheduled time.  The final bill will be calculated and sent to the title company for settlement.

You will need to call our Customer Service Department at (215) 675-3301 ext. 203 to speak to a Customer Service Associate.  The representative will advise you of the amount due, including any penalty or posting fees.  Once payment is received, your service will be restored.  There is a service restoration fee of $40.00 if water is turned on by 3:30 p.m.  After 3:30 p.m., an after hours fee of $175.00 will be assessed to your account.

If payment is not made, you will receive a Past Due notice ten (10) days beyond the billing due date.  Subsequently, you will receive a Posting Notice ten (10) days before payment in a timely fashion, you should call Customer Service at (215) 675-3301 ext. 203 to make payment arrangements and avoid possible service interruptions.