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Fire Hydrant Painting Contest

In honor of 2023 National Drinking Water Week, Warminster Municipal Authority (WMA) is hosting a fire hydrant painting contest, in which the winner will get to paint their design on an actual fire hydrant!

The contest will run from May 7 through May 13, with the winner announced on May 15. The contest is open to students currently in grades kindergarten through fifth. To enter, applicants should simply use the provided blank template to design their custom fire hydrant using the art tools of their choice and take a photo of their design. All entries will be posted on WMA’s Facebook page and Website.

To enter, please submit your completed designs and contact information to Daulton George, Assistant General Manager, at by May 13. A panel of judges at WMA will determine the winner, who will be notified by Monday, May 15.

The winner will get to paint their design on an actual fire hydrant, located at WMA’s Administration Building located at 415 Gibson Ave in Warminster. WMA will provide all painting supplies, and the hydrant will remain there until Drinking Water Week 2024!

National Drinking Water Week is an initiative of the American Water Works Association, and occurs during the first full week in May each year to recognize the vital role water plays in our daily lives. For more information, please visit

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