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Fire Hydrant Flushing Information
Each year, WMA performs fire hydrant flushing. WMA typically performs flushing at the end of the summer heading into the fall season. However, sometimes flushing is necessary in the spring. Flushing occurs during the hours of 8:30am and 3:30pm, Monday through Friday, except Holidays.

Importance of Flushing:

  • Assuring water can flow effectively through our distribution system
  • Ensuring adequate availability in the event of a fire
  • Improving water quality by reducing sediment build up (sediment occurs naturally and is harmless)
  • Maintaining a safe, compliant, and functional system

Flushing Side Effects:

  • Discolored, cloudy, or bubbly water is expected but not harmful. Discolored water can be cleared by running COLD water from the lowest fixture, which generally takes a few minutes. In very rare cases, some customers may experience persistent discoloration, if this occurs, please call the Authority at 215-675-3301
  • Water pressure variations

Avoid the Following During Flushing:

  • Doing laundry as this could stain your clothes
  • Driving fast through a flushing zone since there is a chance of ponding water in the roadway
  • Using the water in your home

Important Note:

  • WMA personnel, their authorized agents and firefighters are the only persons permitted to operate our hydrants. If you observe anyone other than those listed operating a hydrant, please contact our office immediately at 215-675-3301 or the Warminster Police Department. Unauthorized use of a hydrant is theft of service. Stealing water can create health and safety issues as well as higher usage rates for our customers.