COVID-19 Update

Last year you waited for us with delayed billing. This year we can wait for you.  Under the current economic conditions, if you need more time to pay, please call or email us.  There may be a delay in responding to Customer Service phone calls as staff are working remotely.  We will be suspending late fees until at least May 1, 2020. 

Please utilize our Customer Portal for payments.  We are trying to minimize our exposure to COVID-19 by reducing the amount of mail coming to our office.  Making payments through our Portal or through our automated phone service is the quickest and most efficient way to make a payment. We appreciate your understanding in this challenging time.  Instructions are on our website or call us for help setting up an online account with online payment options.

Water quality is outstanding.  We utilize Forest Park award winning water for about 90% of your water supply.  PFAS levels are extremely low in the single digits per trillion.  The remaining 10% is supplied utilizing three Warminster wells, suppling water at zero parts per trillion of PFAS.

The biggest complaint about water quality we receive is regarding the chlorine odor.  Chlorine is required by law and we understand the complaint.   Chlorine can be removed prior to drinking by putting a gallon of tap water in an open container in the refrigerator overnight.  Try it in the morning. The chlorine will have dissipated and the cost per gallon is about 1 cent.

Our rates for our average user are about $36 month for water service and about $36 month for sewer service.  

Be well and healthy!