DEP "Rate Relief" Grant

The Board of Directors of the Warminster Municipal Authority are pleased to report, thanks to a generous grant from the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), that your water consumption rate for this billing quarter will be $0.00 per thousand gallons for all usage.  Governor Wolf and members of the Pennsylvania Legislature, last year, announced their intention to reimburse Warminster Municipal Authority customers for a portion of the increased cost associated with the treatment of PFAS contamination.

A $2.1 million grant was received from the state to provide for rate relief for you, our customers.  This will enable us to not charge for water consumption for this billing quarter.  And for the next billing quarter, you will receive the benefit of a reduced charge for water consumption.  All other water and sewer service charges remain unchanged.

In addition to the DEP grant, the legislature approved the formation of a new joint Authority to provide ongoing financial assistance to certain municipalities and Municipal Authorities, including the Warminster Municipal Authority, for treatment and expenses associated with PFAS.  The financial assistance from the new Authority know as the "Military Installation Remediation and Infrastructure Authority" (MIRIA), hopefully, will enable us to provide additional rate relief to our customers.

Thanks to Governor Wolf, Senator Collett, Representative Stephens, Representative Schroeder, and Representative Polinchock.

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