Mail Delays

Like much of the country, Warminster is experiencing mail delays.  Due to this delay, you may receive your bill later than normal, or your payment may be received by our office after the due date.  The Authority will automatically extend all due dates by at least one week before applying any late payment penalties. 

Your account balance, bill copies, and usage history are available at any time through our Customer Portal.  Payments can be made through the Customer Portal by either Credit Card (includes a 3% processing fee) or ACH (no charge).  To ensure a check payment is received by the due date, it can be put in our deposit box, located next to our drive-up window, at any time of day. Our office lobby remains closed. 

You can register for the Customer Portal using your full 10-digit account number (ex. 000123456-0, including all zeros) and the CID printed on your bill. Click here and follow the instructions to setup your account.