Meter Change Out Bill Explanation

Due to the Meter Change Out Program, your bill looks a little different from what you are used to seeing. See the explanations below regarding how to read your Meter Change Out Bill:

Multiple Meters Listed

Both your old meter and new meter are listed on this bill.

Your old meter includes any usage on that meter through the date your meter was changed.

Your new meter number begins with a “15” and will include usage from the date your meter was changed through the most recent date when the meter was read.

You May Have Higher Usage than Normal

Due to the timing of when meters were changed, you will receive a bill covering more or less than the regular 90 days of usage. We apologize for bills over 90 days of usage and will be returning to regular quarterly billing soon!

The number of days of usage and the number of gallons used can be found inside the red box (See sample bill below). Usage on your new meter will be from the date the meter was changed through your most recent reading date.

The total gallons used on both meters are added together and shown on the Water Consumption and Sewer Consumption lines highlighted in green (See sample bill below).

Why Are Charges Listed Twice?

Each quarter you receive a Service Charge for your Water and Sewer Services. These are standard charges and there has been no change to these charges.

Our billing system prints the total charges for water and sewer services next to EACH meter shown on the bill. However, you must ignore the 2 nd set of charges for each water and sewer service if you have two meters shown on your bill. This duplication will only be shown on this Meter Change Out Bill.

Your total bill includes only the Service Charge and Consumption charge lines that are listed under your new meter and are highlighted in purple (See sample bill below).

Meter Change Out Bill Sample