MS4 Pollutant Reduction Plan Public Comment

Warminster Municipal Authority (Authority) and the Township are submitting this Pollution Reduction Plan (PRP) in accordance with the requirements of General Permit PAG-13 for Stormwater Discharges from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4); specifically, in accordance with the MS4 Requirements Table (Municipal) Anticipated Obligations for Subsequent NPDES Permit Term. The document also includes a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Plan for the Little Neshaminy Creek and Southampton Creek which receive stormwater discharges from the Authority/Townships’s MS4 area. The Authority/Township must create a PRP and TMDL Plan due to discharges from their MS4 to the Little Neshaminy Creek, Pennypack Creek and unnamed tributaries to the Pennypack Creek, and Southampton Creek watersheds, which have been listed as impaired for sediment and nutrients as shown in the Municipal Requirements Table (Appendix A). As permitted by the NPDES Individual Permit to Discharge Stormwater from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems TMDL Plan Instructions included as part of the NPDES individual permit application for MS4s, the Authority/Township has chosen to combine the TMDL Plan with the PRP; this combined document is referred to as the MS4 Pollutant Reduction Plan.

The intent of this MS4 Pollutant Reduction Plan is to establish the existing loading of pollutants discharged from the MS4 to the Little Neshaminy Creek, Pennypack Creek, and Southampton Creek and to present a plan to reduce these pollutant loadings. This MS4 PRP is organized to follow the “Required TMDL Plan Elements” presented in the TMDL Plan Instruction and also addresses the "Required PRP Elements" presented in the PRP Instructions included as part of the Small MS4 PRP instruction packages. This PRP will be evaluated and updated by the Authority/Township on an as-needed basis, based on its effectiveness in reducing pollutant loads in discharges from the regulated small MS4. If revisions or updates are required, the Authority/Township will work with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) for review and approval of any revisions or updates.

As part of the preparation of this MS4 PRP, public participation is required. The MS4 shall complete the public participation measures listed below, and report in the PRP that each was completed:

  • A complete copy of the PRP shall be available for public review.
  • The permittee shall publish, in a newspaper of general circulation in the area, a public notice containing a statement describing the plan, where it may be reviewed by the public, and the length of time the permittee will provide for the receipt of comments. The public notice must be published at least 45 days prior to the deadline for submission of the PRP to DEP.
  • The permittee shall accept written comments for a minimum of 30 days from the date of public notice.
  • The permittee shall accept comments from any interested member of the public at a public meeting or hearing, which may include a regularly scheduled meeting of the governing body of the Authority/Township or municipal authority that is the permittee.
  • The apermittee shall consider and make a record of the consideration of each timely comment received from the public during the public comment period concerning the plan, identifying any changes made to the plan in response to the comment.

The PRP has not yet been made available for public review/comment at the time of submission. The PRP will be made available November 5, 2021. The 30-day public review period will therefore end December 5, 2021, and comments will be accepted at a public meeting to be held after this time. The Authority/Township has every intention to hear all public comments as required and consider making any changes to the plan in response to these comments. Any comments received and changes made to the plan
will be forwarded to DEP to be included in their review of the PRP.




see attached for the full MS4 Pollutant Reduction Plan

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