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Sale or Transfer of Property

A Certification Request, Property Inspection and Application for Service are required for all sales and transfers of properties in the Warminster Municipal Authority (“the Authority”) Service Area, including deed transfers and $1.00 sales. 


STEP 1 - Certification Letter Request:

The Realtor or Title Company is required to submit a Certification Request at least 10 business days prior to settlement. 

Information required for the Certification Request Form includes:

Service Address, Tax Parcel #, WMA Account #, Type of Property

Seller’s forwarding contact information (name, phone #, email, mailing address)

Buyer’s Name

Title Company’s contact information (name, phone #, email address)

Realtor’s contact information (name, phone #, email address)

All requests must be submitted through our website here: 

Certification Request Form


If a change in Buyer or Settlement Date occurs, please submit a revised Certification Request Form online at least 24 hours before the original settlement date.

In preparing a Certification Letter, the Authority confirms the existence/status of any: Liens, Grinder Pumps, Easements, Industrial Wastewater Permits, Commercial Water Supply and Waste Disposal Agreements (WSSDA), or other Agreements between the Seller and the Authority. 

The Certification Letter will be provided to the Seller and Realtor after the inspections have been performed and it will list any agreements and violations identified.  If Agreements need to be signed with the Buyer, the Authority will contact them directly using the contact information provided on the Certification Request Form.  The Certification is valid for 60 days from the date of issuance.  If settlement does not occur within 60 days, a new Certification Letter may be required. 


Step 2 - Property Inspection:

Inspections are required to be completed at least 5 business days prior to settlement.   The Seller or Realtor are responsible for scheduling the Water and/or Sewer Department inspections by contacting the Customer Service Department at 215-675-3301 Ext. 203. 

The Authority must perform an inspection of the property to determine if there are any violations of the Authority’s Regulations (i.e., sump pump discharge, paved-over curb box, inaccessible meter, improper stormwater discharge, etc.). 

The Seller or Realtor are responsible for scheduling the Water and/or Sewer Department inspections by contacting the Customer Service Department at 215-675-3301 Ext. 203. 

WMA Inspections can be scheduled prior to the submittal of a Certification Request and it is recommended to have an Inspection performed as soon as a settlement date is set.  Inspections are performed by WMA on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. 

If the Inspections are not completed prior to settlement, the Buyer must have the Inspections completed within 30 days, or service will be terminated. This Inspection is separate from the U&O Inspection performed by Warminster Township. 


Step 3 - Application for Service:

The Buyer is required to complete the Application for Service to provide WMA with the contact information and mailing address for the new owner.  The final bill will not be sent until WMA has received the Application from the Buyer. 

The Application can be completed here:

Application for Service

Step 4 - Final Bill:

A final bill will be sent to the Title Company the day before the settlement date.  This bill will include charges for usage through the bill date and any additional fees not previously paid, including the Certification Fee (amounts listed below).  This bill is to be paid by the Title Company within 10 days of settlement.

If a settlement is rescheduled, postponed, or cancelled, contact WMA at least 24 hours before the original settlement date.  Final bills are prepared by 9am the day before settlement, any closing that is postponed or cancelled after the final bill is prepared will have a fee of $20.00 added for each additional final bill prepared.  

Certification Fees per Service Address are as follows:

Request Form submitted at least 10 business days prior to settlement:  $100.00

Request Form submitted less than 10 business days prior to settlement:  $120.00

Additional final bill prepared due to change in settlement date:  $20.00


Please review the additional guidelines below:

If there are two Authority Account Numbers for the same Service Address, they can be entered on the same form in Section 2, separated with a comma (,).  Enter the first 9 digits of each Account Number.

If there are multiple Service Addresses on one Tax Parcel (i.e., Commercial strip-mall or Industrial complex), a Certification Request Form and Certification Fee is to be submitted for each Service Address, separately.

If a property is acquired through a Sheriff Sale or Tax Sale, the Certification Fee will be included in the final bill that was sent to Bucks County prior to the sale.  The Buyer of a property from Sheriff Sale or Tax Sale is required to contact the Authority to schedule the Water and/or Sewer Inspections and must complete an Application for Service.   

Certification Fees will be included in the Final Bill prepared for the settlement date.  If settlement is cancelled, the Certification Fee will be included on the Seller’s next regular Water and/or Sewer bill. 


Contact the Customer Service Department at 215-675-3301 Ext. 203 if you have any additional questions.