Stormwater GIS Surveying Notice

Beginning on Friday, March 25, 2022, employees of Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) will begin survey activities to field locate Warminster's public stormwater system. RVE has been hired by the Warminster Municipal Authority to locate the piped system and downstream end of the system (outfalls) where they discharge to a stream or other waterbodies. Ethan Snyder and Nicholas Phelan are the RVE field technicians assigned to this project. They will utilize a marked RVE vehicle, will wear yellow vests, carry RVE ID, and adhere to the State’s safety guidelines for COVID-19. Before entering private property, RVE staff will knock on your door; if you are not at home, they will leave a copy of this notification. Depending upon the thickness of vegetation, RVE surveyors may utilize manual hand pruning tools to gain access to the outfall. When the outfall has been found, the survey staff will utilize GPS equipment to geolocate the outfall structures; they will also take photographs to record and document the current condition as part of the required data collection measures.

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If property owners have any questions, please contact Daulton George at (215)-675-3301 or