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Water Supply Update from North Wales

A message from North Wales Water Authority about the recent chemical spill and WMA water supply. 


North Wales Water Authority Water Supply Unaffected by River Spill in Lower Bucks County
All retail service water customers served directly by the North Wales Water Authority, as well as all bulk customers receiving water from the NWWA and our Forest Park Treatment plant in Chalfont may rest assured that the recent split in the Bristol area of Lower Bucks County does NOT IMPACT the NWWA water supply in any manner. 

This notice includes our bulk water customers including the Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority, Horsham, Warwick, and Warminster Townships, none of which are impacted by the downstream contamination.     

Our water intake point at Point Pleasant, is over 35 miles UPSTREAM from the recently announced contamination location, making it impossible for the contamination from the Bristol area in Lower Bucks County to reach and impact our water supplies. Further, our water is monitored and tested on a continual basis, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. 

NWWA customers do not need to purchase bottled water or be concerned about the NWWA water supply in any manner. Information about your water quality is always available on our website at 

Robert Bender 
Executive Director 

Updated 3/27/23