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This position is a semi-skilled position in which the individual assists other maintenance personnel in the various repairs necessary to maintain wastewater treatment plants and related sewer system facilities. A basic knowledge of the use of handheld electric meters and power tools. Ability to understand and follow verbal and written instructions.  Knowledge of basic maintenance procedures. 

Starting trainee wage is $37.29/hour with $1.00/hour increase after 6 months. Benefits including pension are available.

Qualified applicants should apply in writing to Timothy D. Hagey, General Manager, at Warminster Municipal Authority, 415 Gibson Avenue, Warminster, PA  18974.

Duties & Responsibilities


  1. Assists maintenance mechanics or operators on large maintenance projects as needed.
  2. Performs minor maintenance tasks on pumps, valves, vehicles, blowers, pipes, motors and electrical systems in two (2) plants.
  3. Performs various preventative maintenance tasks such as changing oil, lubrication and cleaning various equipment as work orders call for.
  4. Performs various housekeeping tasks such as, ground maintenance, painting, snow removal, removing refuse, etc.
  5. Performs any related duties assigned by the Supervisor or any Management Personnel.
Required Qualifications

Must have the proper Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) to operate the dump truck (Class B with Air Brake Restrictions).  If an applicant does not have CDL, one must be obtained within 18 months of the date hired. Must work in a variety of climatic conditions. Workdays may be split between outdoor and indoor work. Generally, moderate physical exertion is required, with occasional strenuous levels of physical labor experienced.  Individual is exposed to personal contact with wastewater and its by-products. Education equivalent to twelfth grade, 3 years experience performing some type of maintenance tasks preferably on vehicles, pumps, motors, pipes, and related equipment.

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